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Brand Safety

Brand Safety Technology on digital video

Ensure your advertisement is not placed next to extremist or controversial content just because those are generating a lot of engagement. Advertisers and agencies deserve right targeted video impressions from hygenic audience. That's why our big data scientists work 24*7 to provide advertisers and publishers with smart technology and a tool that fulfills brand safety standards in the digital world today.

Brand Safety is a huge issue for advertisers and agencies

Ad placement along with damaging online video content such as nudity,violence or controversy

Fraudulent ad targeting leading to wastage of marketing resources and damaging brand positioning

None of the existing brand safety algorithms are effective for advertisers

Non-moderated user generated content can damage your brand image

Our solution

Our technology scans video titles, descriptions, tags, and channel names in multiple languages to evaluate the brand safety of every video

brand safety accuracy

Millions of videos are tracked everyday by our machine learning models to bring higher accuracy of brand safety in the content.

safer video content

Helping you to advertise on safer video content which have high brand safety score than others.

right audience & content

Reaching out to the right audience & content that resonates to your brand.

How Vidooly Brand Safety Tool filters brand safe videos

Before a video and a channel is included into a video advertisement campaign on YouTube, it goes through a rigorous approach that includes both machine and human review to ensure that every video content meets the brand safety guidelines.


Vidooly's machine learning algorithm detects predefined unwanted audio sounds inside videos & recommends with low & high brand safety scores.


Pre-loaded keywords are fetched using Vidooly’s proprietary machine learning engine. Brands can customize the filter by adding/removing keywords according to their needs.


Vidooly's brand safety intelligence machine detects objects such as nudity, weapons, religions etc. which don't fall under brand safety guidelines & recommends those with low/high score for advertisement.

Scanning video content across categories

Our Brand safety technology tracks videos across categories & demography. The engine scans videos into audio, visuals & meta data through complex machine learning proprietary algorithm and detects the potentially damaging content to your brand guidelines by filtering the unwanted content.

Brand Safety Tool
Brand Safety Technology

Channel & video recommendations

Our big data engine actively scores the videos taking the inputs from machine learning algorithm and allows us to filter and include the safer content for brands. Higher the Vidooly score, more brand-safe is the channel.

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