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Every brand needs a good storyteller to communicate its journey. That’s why our Branded Content Solutions provides your brand with the answers to your content creation and measurement

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Content Creation & Integration

Consumers engage with content that they love, not pre-roll or mid-roll ads that don't interest them.Connect your brand with creative storytellers through Vidooly’s data insights to drive successful campaigns for your brand’s journey.

  • Get insights on top content creators that are in sync with your brand’s TG
  • Understand Audience behaviour and reaction across geographical locations
  • Content Analysis on what type of content is working
  • Know about the latest and upcoming trends that other brands are associated with
  • Connect with the right content creators for brand integration and sponsorship
  • 15 Million+

    content creaters tracked

  • 4

    Platforms covered

  • 2 Billion+

    video Views per month



To run a successful campaign, every brand needs to capture, measure and evaluate its exposure. Vidooly’s Branded Content Measurement provides marketers with qualitative metrics and insightful data across devices, integration and content over multiple platforms

  • Get insights on how your campaigns are performing throughout your brand’s journey
  • Know how the audience have perceived and reacted to your brand
  • Measure ROI
  • Analyse how well a content creator has performed for your brand
  • Compare how your campaign has performed with your competitors

What does our Branded Content Measurement solution capture?

Through smart machine learning and effective human detection, Vidooly’s Branded Content Solutions combines data and analysis to capture and measure all aspects of the quality and impact of each exposure so that we can evaluate each integration with a system that rates each branded integration comparisons.

  • How much response did the brand get from the integration ?
  • Was the brand seen by real viewers ?
  • How long was the brand seen ?
  • What type of integration was it ?
  • What is my competition doing ?
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