Vidooly FAQ

What is Vidooly?

Vidooly is an Online Video Analytics Company that provides online video publishers, media companies, OTTs, brands and agencies with video publishers ranking, audience insights, brand safety score, audience overlap and a proprietary video engagement score of over 4.5 million video content creators across the world.

We collect large amount of online video viewership data across multiple platforms. Our Deep Eye Technology & big data engine processes & scans millions of videos per day; analyzing information across 4 social video platforms and other OTTs and platforms to produce real-time actionable insights which is used by our customers for video creation & marketing decision making. Our vision is to build technology that tracks and analyzes every video, everywhere on the planet to make sense of business for content creators, brands & media buyers and at the same time creating a universal video data repository which can be accessed by our customers for better media planning, advertisement & strategies.

Who can use Vidooly?

Vidooly has different products that can be used by online video content creators, media companies, OTTs, brands and agencies based on their requirements. We also provide various solutions that help all the stakeholders to drive successful campaigns from content creation & integration to understanding audience perception and measurement alongwith an overall Brandlift Study. Distinct industries like eSports too can use our solutions for eSports Analytics and Measurement.

However, keeping in mind that everyone needs a one stop solution to find insights on the online video environment, Vidooly has launched Leaderboard. This new product feature is for anyone who wants to analyze enriched data of more than 5K+ publishers in any category and country across YouTube and Facebook for your desired time period.

Our monthly performance reports on Online videos of various countries which shows how the online video ecosystem is performing globally, is another valuable addition to our already existing Products and Solutions Suite.

Is Vidooly an MCN?

No, Vidooly is not a Multi-Channel Network (MCN). Vidooly is an online video analytics and marketing company and our products and solutions suite can be used by content creators, MCNs, Brands and agencies.

How does Vidooly add more value for my video business?

Over the course of 4 years we have evolved and grown so much. Earlier Vidooly was just limited to YouTube Analytics but, now, it has expanded to Facebook Analytics and Instagram Video Analytics. Vidooly also has a presence in multiple new platforms like Twitch, Mixer and even other OTTs.

Plus, through intelligent machine learning and with a dedicated data team, we provide you with the best in class reports on various industries, countries and platforms etc. as per your requirements.

With a new range of solution for various industries and new products, Vidooly provides you with all-round insights on Online Video.

While authenticating my YouTube channel and Facebook page, what data will be accessed by Vidooly?

A user's privacy is important to us. While authenticating your YouTube channel and Facebook page, Vidooly will only access basic information to generate analytics data that can help you optimize your channel and page better.

Following data will be accessed by Vidooly:

  • Basic Profile Info
  • User Email ID
  • Analytics data (Read only)
  • YouTube Partner Channel Audit (Read only)

Please note that WE DO NOT HAVE access to:

  • Add or delete videos from your channel
  • Your Google AdSense account
  • Your monthly earnings

I am already a partner with an MCN. Can I still use Vidooly?

You can use Vidooly even if you're already a part of an MCN. However, it is advisable to inform your MCN about it beforehand because most of the MCNs across the globe use our analytics dashboard for their internal intelligence and creator-partner management

Will Vidooly take part of my earnings?

Absolutely not. Vidooly only accesses analytics data from your social video channels.

I want a demo of the tool before I signup. Can it be arranged?

Yes. You can get our product demo on request. If you are a Content Creator, we recommend you to Sign Up for a Free trial of the tool and after that our product specialists can give better insights about your channel.

If you are a brand, kindly request a demo on our Brands Tool webpage or talk to our sales team at

If you are an MCN, kindly request a demo on our MSN Suite webpage or talk to our sales team at

What about Data Protection? Is my data secure on Vidooly?

Yes, your data is completely secure with Vidooly. Our servers are hosted on a world class data centre that is protected by a 24-hour surveillance. And we do not share the information with any third party entity.

Is the payment option recurring or should I make the payment every month?

The payment is recurring by default for Content Creators. The option that you choose while making the payment will apply every month. However, if you are based in India, we can raise an invoice for you.

For Brands, Agencies and MCNs - payment is based out on invoice basis. You can pay via bank transfer or cheque or PayPal.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Content Creators can cancel their account by clicking on the Subscription tab in the account settings.

Brands, Agencies and MCNs can contact their account manager to cancel their subscription.

What is the refund policy?

You can upgrade or downgrade your account at any time. For refunds, you can send an email to