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Knowing a brand’s audience preferences without the help of social media listening tools is as simple as baking the croquembouche with toasted praline marshmallows balanced on top.

Yes! Difficult as the way you got that crocs-embrr-sui-quackquack (more gibberish) pronunciation.

social media listening

What marketers can’t achieve from wizards in long robe with a monk parakeet to read through the tarots & crystal balls, Social intelligence with technology gets it through. Honestly, that is where sensible as well as patient social media listening comes to action.

Budding enterprises and companies know the essence of building a strong brand image beside promoting its presence everywhere. Where else should you be if not the social media?

Publicity has different angles and sides too. No one would ever want their brand to be known for wrong billing, late delivery, faulty products, poor management and scandalous content.

social media listening

Consumer choice and interests are subjective so what you think is out of the box can turn out to be a monotony for a majority of them out there. Therefore, social media listening is a way to map the road towards an effective marketing campaign online.

Here we will discuss the importance of social media listening in assisting marketing professionals to develop smart content & avoid digital errors.

Social media listening in brief

It is difficult for marketing professionals to recognise the factors that best suits their campaigns and promotions. To identify relevant audiences, know their preferences, be aware of socially sensitive matters and have a track over the right trends is a challenge online. With social media listening marketers, advertising teams, market researchers, business analysts and other teams get adequate information, rare insights and actionable plans for their channels.

Knowing what the customers, audiences, readers and visitors think or have perceived about any of the launched services, products, content and material is as important as building the right strategy.

social media listening

Social media listening is basically keeping a close track of the brand’s social media channels to obtain feedbacks, leads, related hashtags and brand mentions. It helps get information regarding the associated keywords, industry leaders, competitors, relevant viral content etc. The teams can later categorise, organise and analyse the data gathered through social media.

Social media platform monitoring/tracking along with analysis, research charts, studies and inference to get an idea of long term functioning strategies is called social media listening.

To meet the exact needs and demands of the market or specific groups of customer marketers must use social media listening. It simplifies the communication and bridges the gap between the brand and its consumer/clients. Mostly, the techniques used in the process helps realise the ground cause of conversions, lead generations and sales that can be utilised to design sustainably effective marketing blueprints.

social media listening

Using social media listening tools and techniques will support marketers in keeping track of trends as well as be aware of consumer needs. This will help in creating content, make changes to basic offers, product enhancements and improvise services according to customer feedbacks.

One can come up with new ideas, consider industry changes and perform safer experiments, connect with direct visitors and communicate with the market easily. It assures a better strategy formation along with smart digital marketing moves.

Benefits of social media listening

  1. Customer Relationship

Social media listening helps build better alliances and partnerships with consumers thus making way for more loyal customer base. It helps the brand provide improved user experience to their customers that will create a trusted image in their minds.

  1. Measure PR factors

Brands using social media listening primarily to create credible online presence and brand awareness can get valuable insights for it. Information related to brand mentions, top blog pages, mentions and market trends can be obtained through this system.

  1. Lead generation

Many brands get their most trusted partners, clients and customer groups from social media platforms like the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. it depends on the type of business and customer targeted. Generating new leads and reaching out to the right people is easier with data collected through social media listening.

  1. Design Influencer marketing

Marketers can tap the right influencers for their campaigns and promotions through setting up automated, customised social media monitoring systems. This brings in details about the engagement rates and probabilities of success of influencers that brands intend to collaborate. It helps develop sustainable and profiting influencer marketing plan for the brand.

  1. Obtain competitive intelligence

Marketers can get information about the industry leads and competitors in the targeted market. Social media listening is a great channel to highlight and note the competitor’s strategies, plans, successful campaigns, market positions and past records. To design a good marketing plan for a brand one must know the competitor products, its regular PR activities, product positioning, key customers and other major points. Listening and monitoring social media platforms can easily provide the competitive edge to the brand.

  1. Best feedback system

Social media is the right place to address customer needs and interests because it is public hence gains audience trust over brand transparency. Companies can access their performances online as well as the quality & functionality of their products and services. Social media listening helps marketers know the strengths and weaknesses of the brand thus ensuring improvement and right changes.

  1. Market Research

Conducting surveys, interviewing customers, knowing wide preferences and compiling data to strategize plans is difficult in the fast changing market. Social media listening can assist brands in quickly identifying potential markets, customer interests, concerns, complaints and success grounds. With platforms and channels having diverse audience it is easy to connect with the right market for branding, promotion, marketing & sales.

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