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Alexa Coleman4 years ago

Take a few moments to consider how many hours you typically spend each week watching videos. Most individuals will consume a great deal of time scrolling through the latest viral posts or searching for media content that provides them with relevant information (such as how-to videos). This should really come as no incredible surprise, as we live in a content-driven digital society. Businesses have, likewise, begun to leverage the power of videos, and for good reason. Not only can media be embedded across a variety of different online portals, but this type of material is extremely suitable for mobile devices. It, therefore, stands to reason that incorporating videos within your ongoing marketing campaign is an excellent way to further resonate with the end user. What are some of the reasons behind this observation and why might free resources represent the most powerful tools at your disposal?

Great Online Video

The Human Side of Video Marketing

Videos accomplish several goals within a single digital package. They are able to establish your unique sense of branding, to provide in-depth product descriptions, to appeal to the average viewer, and to act as a portion of the overall engagement process. However, videos are also able to bring a more “human” touch to what might otherwise be considered a rather anonymous marketing strategy.

You can speak directly to the viewer, answer common questions and inject humour when appropriate. Let’s also keep in mind that videos are highly effective when describing a complicated subject or when highlighting the key points of a popular product. These are some of the many reasons why the most successful freelancers will use media content in synergy with quality written content and SEO marketing. However, what if you are on a limited budget? What resources can you leverage without spending an arm and a leg?

Free Resources at Your Disposal

One of the reasons why the best video editing software Shopify and similar solutions are so powerful is the fact that they can be used in conjunction with a host of absolutely free tools. For instance, were you aware that it is possible to download and embed thousands of royalty-free music tracks within seconds? These are excellent ways to punctuate a presentation and they will undoubtedly liven up the associated content. Some other options include:

  • Media content that is within the public domain.
  • Free images to be used within video slideshows.
  • Stock videos for commercial use.
  • Animations without the need for licencing any content.

Of course, you will still have to invest a certain amount of money if you hope to create a truly bespoke video marketing campaign. The main point here is that many of these “bells and whistles” can be used without worrying about a large financial commitment.

Video marketing is here to stay and its popularity continues to grow as a greater number of businesses emerge within the online community. If you want to stay one step ahead then there is no doubt that this type of media is essential.

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