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Enhance your business with Vidooly’s New Age Market Research Solutions and seize opportunities by acting decisively to market change through actionable insights to identify & optimize the moments that will drive extraordinary growth

At Vidooly, we always focus on understanding your business requirements so that we can provide you with the right solutions, insights and expertise to accelerate your path of growth. Our Hybrid Research is an integration of traditional methods combined with intelligent machine learning and an in-house digital research system which provides your company with invaluable information about your competitors, demographics, the current market trends and a complete consumer study.
Assess Opportunities

Assess Opportunities

Maximise Knowledge

Maximise Knowledge

Holistic & Actionable Insights

Holistic & Actionable Insights

So how are our Hybrid Research techniques going to help you?

Vidooly’s Hybrid Research= Traditional Market Research + New Age Digital Technological Solutions

  • There is no denying how important Market Research is. Traditional Market Research methods provide you with a holistic view of the target market and also at the same time provides objective data to make informed decisions. But this method is becoming outdated and there are some limitations to it.
  • While Traditional Market Research methods are able to tell the ‘What’ of just a specific sample, our rigorous Hybrid Research and Digital Solutions answers the ‘Why’ and ‘How’ of a very large number of users through thorough digital tracking.
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Hybrid Research Model Case Study

Download our case study to understand how Vidooly's Hybrid Research model carried out an extensive research for one of the leading spice manufacturers in the world.

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Benefits of New Age Hybrid Research

No Biasness

We monitor the consumer trends i.e. what type of content is being consumed by consumers over any time period on the internet. All insights provided are candid. This type of data is real and free of any type biases.

Extensive Tracking of Larger Audiences

Contrary to very small sample size and issue of collecting the responses in Traditional Market Research, Vidooly's Hybrid Research is very effectively managed through extensive digital tracking in which data of millions of users MOM with multiple attributes.

High Consumer Response Rate

Unlike traditional surveys, our digital methods are not at risk of waning participation of consumers and low response rates. We analysis the content which is being watched naturally & cognitively by each consumer by their own will and acquire data which allows us to determine the inclination of our Target Group, free of any errors.

Accurate Representations

Our technology very effectively solves the problem of representativeness by fetching & analysing data across all demographic traits with no limitations on user base which will represent the overall Target Group efficiently.

Time Effectiveness

Through a systematic approach, our Digital Solutions analyse the data from millions of users and can give actionable insights in just a few days.

True Sentiment Analysis

Consumers tend to engage with what kind of content they like, so, by tracking the engagement of social media content we can get more insights on sentiments, emotions and perception which will further enhance the findings. This type of analysis gives actual results which can be acted upon.

500 M+


15 M+

Video publishers

550 B+

Views tracked every month

150 M+

videos tracked every month

660 M+

activities tracked every month

Services we offer

Consumer Research

Find preferences, motivations, and behavioural patterns of the targeted customers across digital & video platforms from various demographics and location.

Competitor Research

Through extensive digital tracking and R&D, get insights on your competition across various online channels.

Data Acquisition and Analysis

Through Vidooly’s systematic data acquisition, analysis and interpretation, you can now devise strategic decisions.

Trend Analysis

Find out what’s trending and what’s not. Get insights on what audiences want & how to utilize these trends to enhance your business value.

Digital + Offline Reporting

Vidooly’s survey platform collects valuable feedback to provide you with real-time results and insightful reporting which makes it easier to accurately interpret survey results and take the right actions.

Polling, Program Monitoring & Evaluation

Vidooly expertises in conducting Survey work specific to Polling, Program Monitoring & Evaluation and Need Assessment for effectiveness measurement.

Industries we Support

Media & Entertainment

Auto & Vehicles

Health & Fitness

Beauty & Lifestyle

Food & Beverage

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