Our Data

Vidooly is recognized as a leading analytics & measurement company in the digital video ecosystem. We collect large amount of online video viewership data across multiple platforms. Many of the leading companies and agencies across the globe use our insights to understand, track and develop their video marketing efforts

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Deep Eye Technology

Our Deep Eye Technology processes thousands of videos’ data points per second to provide actionable analytics and intelligence to ensure you’re connected with a host of opportunities insights to see what delivers the best results for your brand. Our technology helps:

  • Content Creators

  • Brands

  • Advertisers

  • MCNs

  • Media Agencies

How do we collect data?

  • 100GB+

    fresh data stored every day

  • 500M+

    cross platform users data tracked

  • 100K+

    new video publishers added everyday

  • 2.5M+

    digital videos added daily for data analysis

  • 200M+

    unique audiences tracked

How do we deliver these insights?

We recognize that to understand data, visual communication is extremely important. That is why Vidooly’s in-depth insights are visually communicated through our wide range of accessible, easy to understand and actionable tools and products.

Partner With US

Are you a video platform or publisher who would like us to track your viewership data and provide valuable insights? Then get in touch with us.