#BnASummit is BlockChain and RPA summit . We have just kept the name short as #BnASummit. 

The intent is to cover two of the hottest areas in the technology today. #BlockChain and #RPA.

Blockchain will be one of the biggest driving force for disruptions in the time to come. It is being talked about in every sphere of life. Be it shipping, logistics, health care / drugs, aviation, Telecom (sms and call dnd) / WhatsApp chats – you name it and there are business cases or need being identified.

There is another area which has been there for some time – business process automationrobotic process automation (RPA). RPA has also become one of the hottest technology segment. From mundane tasks today’s RPA solutions have become intelligent and Ai driven. RPA today is in a very high growth stage. Gartner is projecting a 57% increase in RPA work in 2019 alone. By the end of the year 2022, 80% of the large and very large organizations are projected to have deployed RPA in some form.

Similarly Blockchain is getting huge traction in terms of billion of USD in project fundings and investments (IDC is predicting this to be around USD 12 Billion in couple of years), but the highest returns are expected towards the end of 2030 when Gartner is projecting that the blockchain spending would be in the range of USD 2 Trillion to USD 3 Trillion.

Although these two technologies are being considered few of the hottest in the entire spectrum, question is whether there is a possibility of any integration among these technologies.  Or these poles apart and there seems no synergy ?

#BnASummit will have experts from both #blockchain and from #RPA and would let them share their thoughts during the day with #interactive and #codealong sessions and then come together for an interesting panel discussion to help us find the answer to the question posed by #BnASummit

There will be two tracks in the conference which will start with a Keynote.

  • 1st Track dedicated towards BlockChain with #interactive and #codealong sessions and give aways.
  • 2nd Track dedicated towards RPA with #codealong sessions and #interactivesessions and give aways.
Culmination of the event will be the interesting panel discussion where the experts come together to take the question posed by #BnASummit head on. 

Please bring your own laptop with minimum 8 GB RAM and preferably your own internet dongles.

If you are a technology leader and want to share your thoughts, as a speaker or panel member, on this interesting amalgamation of technologies, please get in touch with us 

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Team Behind this conference (#ATABangalore Chapter Team)

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ATA Bangalore President

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ATA Bangalore Secretary

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